About Our Trust

Arutperunjothi vallalar charitable trust is founded by Guruji Sri Babu Sadhu established in Thiruvannamalai, India is a no profit public service organization dedicated to human well being underpinned by the universal teachings of swami Ramalinga Vallalar.

The trust runs sanmarga sangam which gives space to the people where they can live collectively to enrich each others existence in the path of suddha sanmargam. With a daily rhythm that flows from the early morning chanting , yoga, meditation, jeevakarunya seva, satsang and devotional gatherings this place gives everyone transformation and a total experience of every moment.


  1. Daily Annadhanam
    Sathya DharmaSalai – The house of Charity

The sadhus are the one who have relinquished all their mundane ties. They are in the quest of God realization. They are oblivion to their thirst, hunger and bodily comforts. It is our utmost duty to serve these selfless souls who are the real source of light to mortals wallowing in ignorance. We have taken upon ourselves, as a divine dispensation to provide the basic needs of these soul seekers. Every day hundreds of sadhus are fed besides serving poor and destitute people. Their health is also taken care of by our medical services.

  1. Gosalai

Cows are the foremost of all living beings. Themselves sacred, they are the best of cleansers and sanctifiers. Cows are said to represent the highest energy both in this world and the world that is above. There is nothing that is more sacred or sanctifying than cows. ‘Ahimsa moorthy Mohandas Gandhi once said, ’The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated’.
Abandoned Cows are taken care in our Gosala run by our trust.

  1. Medical camp
    “Thus feeding the hungry, extending mercy to the suffering, prevention of killing i.e. violence, having an attitude of Ahimsa in thought, and deed and above all a compassionate approach to all problems is a must for man to obtain divine bliss’’ – Swami Ramalinga vallalar.
    Our Trust frequently conducts free medical camps in the Villages. Allopathy, Siddha, Ayurvedha, Acupressure, Varma and Traditional medicines are the types of treatments given to the public depends upon their health needs.

4. Vegetarianism

“To kill a being to appease the hunger of another being with meat is not at all following the policy of showing compassion to living beings and it doesn’t have the approval of God and is completely against these; all living beings are part and parcel of the Natural truth and are the place for the manifestation of Grace which is God’s Natural Manifestation; when God’s Natural Manifestation gets veiled, life’s nature will not be there, God’s natural manifestation and life’s natural manifestation are not contrary to each other; God’s natural manifestation and life’s manifestation reveal themselves in each and everybody; therefore, it should be understood that to kill a being to appease the hunger of another being is fully against the policy of showing compassion to all living beings’’ – Swami Ramalinga Vallalar.

5. Meditation programs:

Arul Poorna Siddhi Yogam an awakening experience

Having tied up to worldly responsibilities, even earnest ones find it difficult to maintain their inner balance. To help them  come out of the life of boredom and stress, we conduct one day meditation camp in the different parts of our state. Besides providing a diversion from the daily routine, they are given a chance to be with their own selves.  This is a unique meditation program scientifically structured which helps one to attain inner development and complete harmony between the physical, mental and spiritual realms of each individual. SIVA KRIYA – a powerful meditation technique, simple asanas, pranayamas are taught for their higher  benefit. Spiritual Satsang is given and concerned doubts are clarified.

  1. Azhnilai Dhyana Mugaam

Meet Your Transcendental Nature

The ultimate ideal of human existence is enjoying the everlasting bliss of the Supreme Divine by transforming oneself into a body free from disease, aging, decay and death. Profound meditation techniques are taught to transcend mind and to attain self realization and giving a way to God realization.

To unravel the greatest mysteries of our self, one has  to transcend the body, mind and senses. Without breaking the barriers of these, one’s efforts land in futility. In the serene depth of meditation the glorious nature of the resplendent self is revealed. The bewitching senses lure ordinary mortals away from spiritual pursuits. They drag him to abysmal ignorance to give false reality to the earthly pleasures. The mind invariably follows the senses rather than the intuition. If one tastes the bliss of the self, worldly pleasures become insipid. These  three days camps are a great  chance to see the reflection of our own Self. These  days are meant only for introspection and meditation with observing silence which help us to be away from the stress and strain of the mundane life. In the areas saturated with divine exhilaration, sadhaks touch the deepest layer of their Being. Nature is the  voice of the silent God. The tranquil surrounding is the proof of God’s underlying principle that activates the cosmos. In the depth of silence, the  voice of God is heard, through the language of LOVE. Situated amidst nature’s bounty and grandeur our Pollachi ashram helps to explore the majesty of our self. The serenity that is the hallmark of this place helps us to dive deep into the ocean of meditation to get the pearl of His connection. 

This Retreat is an eye opener, allowing us to meet and celebrate everyday life through the eyes of the Enlightened One. Welcome to explore your Transcendental Nature!

  1. Aanandha kriya

Nurturing the Divine Body

A unique retreat, Anandhakriya takes you to a profound level of physical and spiritual cleansing. Here we aim to bring forth ancient cleansing methods and therapies to detoxify and strengthen the body in preparation for deep levels of spiritual practice. This 3 days experience offers a nurturing space where the essence of your unique existence can be found. Throughout the retreat you observe silence and receive various practical techniques to sustain this spiritual harmony in daily life and to gain a deep natural restfulness from within. Anadhakriya restores health and re balances body to complete harmony by activating its self healing potential.

Five methods of Kriyas:
1.Snanam : Herbal Bath.
2.Anjanam : Eye Application.
8. Natural Living Health Camp

An unique program for complete living:

This is a much  advanced camp for overall development of body, mind and soul. A  healthy body leads to a healthy mind. The body is the rarest gift from God. After lots of merits in our previous births we have got this human form. Neither undue, nor less importance should be given to it. We must take reasonable care of our body to make it a befitting instrument for our spiritual journey. This camp helps to awaken the lost health and vitality. Through panchakarma method vadam, pittam and slethumam are harmonized in our bodies. The weak cells and tissues are awakened to work more efficiently. This retreat is the journey into a world of natural health. This three days retreat includes

  1. Banana Leaf Bath.
  2. Serpent mound mud Bath.
  3. Herbal Oil Bath.
  4. Steam Bath.
  5. Spinal cord bath.
  6. Hip Bath and
  7. Herbal based diet.
  1. Community Living

Community living gives you an advantage to be in the company of a Guru and company with an assembly of persons who listen to, talk about and assimilate the truth. This typically involves listening to or reading scriptures, reflecting on, discussing and assimilating their meaning, meditating on the source of these words, and bringing their meaning into one’s daily life. Community living provides us an opportunity to share our love which is nothing but the reflection of our inner self. In our Abode, people from all walks of lives, irrespective of caste and creed, come together to imbibe spiritual knowledge and God’s love. This inculcates in their mind the brotherhood of man and the fatherhood of God.

After spending their time with their fellow aspirants devotees go with self confidence to be in the world as true warriors facing the  challenges of life patiently by reposing their faith in God. We welcome sincere aspirants to actively participate in the community, using this possibility as a part of their spiritual journey.

  1. Sanmarga Sangam

Inspired by the universal teachings of Swami Ramalinga, this Sanmarga sangam situated at the foot of the Holy hill Arunachala, reverberates with Divine vibrations. The blessed seekers quench their spiritual thirst on the lap of Divine Mother Nature. The placid atmosphere quells their minds to plunge to have the glimpse of their inner treasure. Many camps are organized here  to help the aspirants to  recharge their body, mind and soul. The Sadhus of the Sangam guide the devotees in the path of Suttha Sanmargam. They are provided with simple satvik food which  nourishes their bodies besides making their mind conducive for meditation.

  1. Camps for children

To inculcate discipline, devotion and dedication in the young minds, we conduct ten days camps for children. They get introduced to simple living and high thinking. Children learn ‘Thiruarutpa Poems’ for doing daily parayanam. Some basic yoga techniques and pranayamam are taught to them for daily practice. Children during their short stay learn Thiruarutpa songs,  fear of sin and love for God and the importance of serving their fellow beings. They also learn about  our rich cultural heritage .


  1. Thaipoosam

Thaipoosam celebrations at vadalur , is one of the major activities of our mission. Satyagnana Sabha or the “Temple of Wisdom” is an octagonal structure constructed by the Saint Ramalinga Vallalar in the town of Vadalur in Cuddalore district. The sanctum sanctorum of this temple is concealed from the main hall by seven curtains which are parted fully on Thai Poosam day (On monthly poosam star day only six screens are unveiled for jothi dharshan).  To impress the truth that God helps devotees as a Grace-light, Vallalar created this lotus designed Sabha, lighting the lamp inside the Sabha.

The Arutperunjothi Agaval authored by Swami Vallalar is engraved here. There is a mirror in front of the lamp and curtains of black, blue, green, red, golden and white and multi colors. When the curtains are removed, the jothi could be seen through the mirror. That is to say that man could see the light in him if he removes the seven bad traits in him.

Once in a year on thai poosam day these seven screens are removed and devotees are blessed with Jyothi Dharshan . In the early morning of this auspicious day to the utter amazement of the devotees, the Sun, the Jyothi and the moon are seen in the same line. One could see these three together. Sun represents Ida nadi and the moon pingala nadi. If there is harmonious flow of breath in the nostrils which represents these two nadis the third eye is opened. This is the culmination of all spiritual activities. More than ten lakhs devotees throng to witness this rare phenomenon. From our trust we make staying arrangements, give annandhanam and conduct satsangs for the devotees.

  1. Thiruvarai Dharshan-Holy room Dharshan

On the third day of Thaipoosam festival Thiruvarai – the Holy Room is opened for public dharshan. Thousands of people worship the Holy room to get Swamis benediction. On this occasion our trust arranges to give prasadam free books and annadhanam for the devotees.

  1. Avathar daycelebration

Another important celebration is the avathar day . To offer our gratitude and receive Swami’s benediction we celebrate this day on fifth of October  every year with usual religious fervor. Hundreds of devotees receive our services of different kinds.

  1. Karthigai deepam

Annamalai temple celebrates dozens of festivals throughout the year. The most important of these lasts for ten days during the Tamil month of Karthigai, between November and December concluding with the celebration of Karthigai Deepam. A huge lamp is lit in a cauldron, containing three tons of ghee, at the top of the Annamalai hills during the Deepam indicating that the God is in the form of Light. We give annadanam to thousands of devotees besides having satsangs arranged during that period.


  1. Full moon day of every month:

Every full moon, tens of thousands of pilgrims circumambulating the Arunachala hill barefoot. The circumambulation covers a distance of 14 kilometres and is referred to as Girivalam. According to our scriptures, the walk removes sins, fulfills desires and helps achieve freedom from the cycle of birth and rebirth. Offerings are made in a string of tanks, shrines, pillared meditation halls, springs and caves around the hill. The circumambulation continues during the rest of the month. On the day of yearly Chitra Pournami, the full moon of the first month in Tamil calendar, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims come from across the world.

On full moonday of every month our foremost duty is to make the devotees indefatigable by providing them healthy food and water. We conduct satsangs which removes the ignorance and light the consciousness of the pilgrims and help them to march towards the Supreme reality. Also we conduct Thiruarutpa Bhajans which help the pilgirims to establish personal connectivity with Lord and we issue Sanmarga Books at free of cost which carries the message of Swami Ramalinga.

  1. Monthly Poosam Celebration:

In Sathya Gnana Sabha on ‘Poosam star’ day of every month Jothi dharsan is shown to the devotees between 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm. Thousands of people from various places come to see the jothi dharsan. On this occasion our trust arranges to give Annadhanam and Bhajans for the devotees.